Round 1: Andik Gemilang, Timnas Indonesia Hajar Cambodia

Round 1: Andik Gemilang, Timnas Indonesia Hajar Cambodia

Indonesian national team successfully leads with a score of 2-0 in round 1 against Cambodia in a friendly match that took place at Chandrabhaga Patriot Stadium on Wednesday (04/10/2017). Andik Vermansyah performed brilliantly and became an inspiration for Indonesian goals.

Indonesian national team appear to dominate since kick off. Football from foot to foot success several times through the defense of Cambodia.

In the 10th minute, Indonesian national team get a chance through Rezaldi. But hard kick can still be pushed over Cambodia goalkeeper, Sou Yaty.

Sporadic attacks by the Indonesian national team from all the Cambodian defense. The 17th minute, Septian David successfully broke through the Cambodian defense but his shot failed to break into the net.

After throwing a chance through Febri in the 28th minute and Andik in the 30th minute, Indonesia finally scored the first goal in the 32nd minute.

Landa Aliandry successfully make Indonesia winning 1-0 after his header take advantage of corner kick can not dammed Sou Yaty.

Andik became the second goal inspirator Indonesian national team in the 34th minute. After passing several players, Andik with a beautiful release bait pulled directly struck Rezaldi. Indonesia national team was 2-0 up.

After a long wait, Rezaldi scored also for the Indonesian national team. This is his first goal for the Indonesian national team.

Coming to the end of the game, Indonesian national team almost added advantage through Febri Hariyadi. However, his shot still hit the pole.

Composition of Players:

Coming to SEA Games 2017, U-22 national team back to practice
Rezaldi Hehanusa (left) contributed one goal to Indonesian national team ( Fithriansyah)
Timnas Indonesia (4-2-3-1): Andritany; Beny, Fachrudin, Jupe, Rezaldi; Taufiq, Bayu; Andik, Septian, Febri; Lerby

Cambodia (5-4-1): Sou Yaty; Sothearoth, Samoeun, Soeuy Visal, Chum Pisa, Sokpheng; Bin Chanthacheary, Chan Vathanaka, Tit Dina, Cchoeun; Sos Suhana

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