Pochettino: Alli’s Problem Is Overrated

Pochettino: Alli’s Problem Is Overrated

Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino feels that the problem that befell Dele Alli is exaggerated by the media.

The 21-year-old player was in trouble with FIFA after he was caught holding the middle finger at the referee, in the middle of a World Cup qualifier against Slovakia.

Even so, Pochettino refused to discuss it further, and felt that the media had exaggerated it.

“Dele Alli has grown very rapidly, when compared with last season,” the coach told reporters.

“The behavior he showed was also fantastic. He was not lucky because the camera caught the moment. ”

“I’m not worried, I think all this is just a commotion created by the media. It’s not a good gesture, but I do not think that’s a big deal. Even so, right now, it’s creating a stir. ”

“That is something that is aimed at his teammates, and that is not a problem for us or FIFA. A lot of things happen on the pitch, from my point of view, this is not a big deal, and he does not deserve sanctions from FIFA. “

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