Persib Keep Bring Vujovic to Persipura Headquarters

Persib Keep Bring Vujovic to Persipura Headquarters

Although absent, Persib Bandung still bring Vladimir Vujovic when bobotoh pride team travel to the headquarters of Persipura Jayapura in a League 1 advanced match in the title at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, Monday (28/08/2017).

Physical trainer Persib Bandung, Yaya Sunarya said the decision to bring Vlado, greeting Vujovic, because for the sake of increasing the motivation of other players.

“Bring 19 players, only 18 who play, the only Vlado (Vladimir Vujovic) he can not play, but come along, that means he can share our shortcomings while defending and to increase motivation for other players,” said Yaya.

“Positively in the sense we share with him about the composition of the defenders, the advantages, the drawbacks, and what we should do for the defenders.”

Furthermore, Yaya explained Persib targeting points at the Black Pearl team headquarters, even without the assistant caretaker trainer Herrie Setyawan who is taking a coaching course to obtain License A.

“We are optimistic that we can get points, all the preparations have been made and the anticipation due to the absence of some players, God willing, as long as we fight hard, the results will come.”

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