Madura United Champions League Part 1, Canoe ISC A 2016 Can Be Repeated?

Madura United Champions League Part 1, Canoe ISC A 2016 Can Be Repeated?

League 1 Indonesia is entering the middle of the season. After 17 weeks passed Madura United became the champion of the season football’s highest season in Indonesia.

This is quite interesting because it matches what Sape Kerrab soldiers achieved in the Indonesia Soccer Championship A (ISC A) event last year where they also succeeded to become the champion of the season.

League Standings League 1 2017

This success was also grateful by the President of Madura United, Achsannul Qosasi. Through his account instagramnya, Madura United contains the gratitude of the President.

“Let us pray that the cohesiveness and togetherness of Madura will be maintained until the league is over,” Achsanul said.

However, there is something interesting about the success of Madura topped the standings in the first half of the season which is also feared by all elements in Madura United that failed champion at the end of the season as they experienced at ISC A last season.

ISC A 2016 Season Standings

At that time Gomes De Oliviera care team was unable to compete from Persipura Jayapura who became champion ISC A. In fact, at that time Slamet Nurcahyo and friends had to settle for only inhabit the third rank in the final standings.

ISC A 2016 Final Standings

Recruit two imported midfielders

In order not to repeat the tragedy, Madura United management moved quickly. They crossed out one of their foreign players, Boubacar Sangono and picked up two new foreign players namely Abdelkadir Khairallah and Cameron Watson.

Khairallah is not a foreign name in Indonesian football. The player who plays as a midfielder ever strengthened Bhayangkara FC in several tournaments last year.

Meanwhile for Cameron Watson, this will be his debut play in Liga Indonesia. Previously, this Australian player to strengthen the Indian club, Bengaluru FC. He is projected to replace another Australian midfielder who previously strengthened Madura United Dane Milovanovic who had been struck out because of illness.

The arrival of the two new players is expected to further strengthen the level of the game Madura United, especially in their away games. If you want to win the title in League 1 this season Madura is required not only fierce when playing at home alone.

Madura United’s desire to maintain the throne of the top of the standings will be directly tested on Friday (4/8) later where they will come up tough opponent, Persela Lamongan. In the game titled Derby East Java, the consistency of Madura will get an exam.

In addition, the match that will be held in Saturn Bangkalan Gelora it could also be a debut game for two new players Madura United, Cameron Watson and Abdelkadir Khairullah.

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