League Schedule 1, Live Event July 28, 2017

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League Schedule 1, Live Event July 28, 2017

Two fierce parties will take place today (28/7/2017) in the continued competition of League 1 2017. Persela Lamongan will host Barito Putera in the 17th week of League 1 2017.

In addition, there is a derby match Kalimantan that brings Mitra Kukar counter Persiba Balikpapan. This hard party will be held at Aji Imbut Stadium, Tenggarong.

Persela fight against Barito fight took place at 15.00 pm at the Stadium Surajaya, Lamongan. While Mitra Kukar versus Persiba held at 18:30 pm and two matches above broadcast live TV One.

Interestingly, three of the four clubs involved today match came from Borneo Island. One club that Persela is a respected club in East Java.

The results of the League 1 match today will foster competition in mid-table standings. Barito, Persela, and Mitra Kukar are inhabitants of the middle board, while Persiba is the caretaker.

Here is the schedule of live broadcast of League 1 July 28, 2017:

Live Event Schedule

Live League Schedule Schedule 1, 28 July 2017

28/07/2017 Friday 15:00 League 1

Persela Lamongan vs Barito Putera TV One

28/07/2017 Friday 18:30 League 1

Mitra Kukar vs Persiba Balikpapan TV One

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