League Results 1, Borneo FC Conquered PS TNI, Perseru-BFC Imbang

League Results 1, Borneo FC Conquered PS TNI, Perseru-BFC Imbang

Pusamania Borneo FC managed to gain full points over PS TNI after winning with a score of 1-0 in the game continued Liga 1 at Stadium Segiri, Samarinda, Sunday (13/08/2017) Agen Judi Bola.

Borneo FC victory goal scored by Sultan Samma in the 90th minute.

At the beginning of the game, Borneo FC got a golden opportunity via Terens Puhiri, but his shot can still be anticipated TNI PS goalkeeper, Teguh Amirudin.

The hosts again got a chance in the 15th minute via Lerby. Utilizing bait Abdul Rachman, Lerby made a header, but still sideways on the side of the opponent’s goal.

In the 20th minute, Flavio Junior kicked from outside the penalty box, but still can be arrested Teguh.

PS TNI got a golden opportunity in the 23rd minute. Get feedback from Elio Martins, Sansan kicks in, but can still be pushed over Borneo FC goalkeeper.

After that, the game had stopped after a friction between Elio Martins with the host player. Because of that, Elio gets a yellow card from the referee.

When the game resumed, the efforts of both teams to score goals still have not succeeded. The first half was closed with a score of “glasses”, 0-0.

In the second half, the tempo of both teams declined. Collaboration between Patrich Wanggai and Lerby still has not produced results.

So even with PS TNI. Manahati Lestussen’s efforts in midfield, Elio Martins, and Erwin have not been able to penetrate the defense of Borneo FC raised by Yamashita et al.

Pesut Etam, nicknamed Borneo FC, incorporated Sultan Samma to replace Jefri Kurniawan.

Received feedback from the left side of the defense PS PS, Sultan Samma made a header, but has not managed to rip the opponent’s goal.

In the 87th minute, the attacker PS PS, Sansan, did a kick that previously managed to outwit the defender Borneo FC.

However, his shot was weak and could be caught by goalkeeper M Ridho.

In the 90th minute, Sultan Samma managed to break the impasse PS PS. Starting from a corner kick, there was a crisis.

Sultan Samma successfully made a header that penetrated the goal PS PS.

The game was changed 1-0 to Borneo FC and survive until the second half ended.

Meanwhile, in another match, host Perseru Serui was held to a draw by Bhayangkara FC (BFC) with the score 1-1.

Bhayangkara FC had first lead in the 43rd minute through Antoni. However, Perseru escaped defeat after Uropmabin scored the equalizer in the 78th minute.

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