Round 1: Andik Gemilang, Timnas Indonesia Hajar Cambodia

Round 1: Andik Gemilang, Timnas Indonesia Hajar Cambodia

Indonesian national team successfully leads with a score of 2-0 in round 1 against Cambodia in a friendly match that took place at Chandrabhaga Patriot Stadium on Wednesday (04/10/2017). Andik Vermansyah performed brilliantly and became an inspiration for Indonesian goals.

Indonesian national team appear to dominate since kick off. Football from foot to foot success several times through the defense of Cambodia.

In the 10th minute, Indonesian national team get a chance through Rezaldi. But hard kick can still be pushed over Cambodia goalkeeper, Sou Yaty.

Sporadic attacks by the Indonesian national team from all the Cambodian defense. The 17th minute, Septian David successfully broke through the Cambodian defense but his shot failed to break into the net.

After throwing a chance through Febri in the 28th minute and Andik in the 30th minute, Indonesia finally scored the first goal in the 32nd minute.

Landa Aliandry successfully make Indonesia winning 1-0 after his header take advantage of corner kick can not dammed Sou Yaty.

Andik became the second goal inspirator Indonesian national team in the 34th minute. After passing several players, Andik with a beautiful release bait pulled directly struck Rezaldi. Indonesia national team was 2-0 up.

After a long wait, Rezaldi scored also for the Indonesian national team. This is his first goal for the Indonesian national team.

Coming to the end of the game, Indonesian national team almost added advantage through Febri Hariyadi. However, his shot still hit the pole.

Composition of Players:

Coming to SEA Games 2017, U-22 national team back to practice
Rezaldi Hehanusa (left) contributed one goal to Indonesian national team ( Fithriansyah)
Timnas Indonesia (4-2-3-1): Andritany; Beny, Fachrudin, Jupe, Rezaldi; Taufiq, Bayu; Andik, Septian, Febri; Lerby

Cambodia (5-4-1): Sou Yaty; Sothearoth, Samoeun, Soeuy Visal, Chum Pisa, Sokpheng; Bin Chanthacheary, Chan Vathanaka, Tit Dina, Cchoeun; Sos Suhana

Persib Imbang Continues, Coach Persib: I’m Not Depressed

Persib Imbang Continues, Coach Persib: I’m Not Depressed

A draw in three consecutive home games did not make the coach Persib Emral Abus depressed Situs Judi Bola. He considered the results do not reflect the real Tim Maung Bandung game.

Emral had a very good debut. He led Persib to a 4-1 win over Sriwijaya FC at home.

However, after that Persib only draw at home. Each against Semen Padang, Bali United, and Bhayangkara FC.

“His name is football, there are defeats, wins and draws, at home or away when we fight against Sriwijaya FC,” said Emral as reported by Persib official website.

“Of course Bobotoh have high expectations when we play at home, they will want to win,” he added.

Persib currently in 10th position standings. They collected 35 points from 25 matches.

“For me, there is no pressure.A task for a coach must be no pressure, but I am happy, enjoy the game and can be in the middle of Persib,” he added.

U-16 U-16 Usung revenge against Laos

U-16 U-16 Usung revenge against Laos

U-16 national team coach Fakhri Husaini wants his foster children to learn from defeat against Laos in the last match of Group G Asian Cup 2018 qualifying at Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand, Friday (22/09/2017).

Garuda Asia will face Laos again after meeting in AFF Cup U-15 2017, last July. At that time Rendy Juliansyah and his friends gave up 2-3 of Laos.

“We’ve met them and we learned a lot from that defeat,” Fakhri Husaini said of his side’s defeat from Laos two months ago.

The 2-3 defeat experienced by Garuda Asia team in the AFF Cup U-15 put the finishing team in fifth position from six teams in Group A, two points adrift of Laos right on top.

However, the Garuda Asia team is not the same team as when in the AFF Cup U-15. They are now top of the table after winning three victories over Northern Mariana Islands, East Timor, and home team, Thailand.

Laos will also be the last test of the U-16 national team to ensure themselves qualify as group winners. Fakhri Husaini insists that the defeat of Laos will be paid by his care team on this occasion.

“What they did in the AFF last July will surely be overcome with victory when we face them,” said Fakhri Husaini.

Indonesia U-16 national team is currently at the top of Group G qualifying Asian Cup 2018 with nine points from three matches. Garuda Asia’s team is very likely to qualify for the finals to be held in Malaysia on September 20, 2018 as it currently leads six points from Thailand, Laos and Timor Leste which are both collected three points from two matches that have been played.

Persib Bandung Now More Confident

Persib Bandung Now More Confident

Persib Bandung midfielder, Febri Hariyadi assess his team is now more confident. This can not be separated from their success achieved a series of positive results including a big win from host Sriwijaya FC 4-1 at Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Monday (05/09/2017).

Febri was quite optimistic sku Maung Bandung can maintain apiknya appearance in the second round of League 1 competition. That way, Persib can hope to improve the position in the standings.

“To be sure, this could all be a positive capital for the next game,” said the player who is also the mainstay of Indonesia U-22 national team in the SEA Games. “Because, from game to game Alhamdulillah Persib always get points.”

Febri also hope Persib can continue to win in every game. “Yes, hopefully also the victory yesterday so the capital for the next game.We optimize,” Febri explained, at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, Tuesday (5/9/2017).

Mentioned about personal targets, the man who is familiarly called Bow is claimed to have no grandiose targets. He just wanted to bring Persib achieve maximum performance.

“Obviously, I do not judge a goal from me, my goals and intentions only contribute to the team, if there is a goal that may have been my fortune, Alhamdulillah,” he said.

Shoot Semen Padang

What is clear, said Febri, scored in every game, is not the main target himself. “I want to always be useful for Persib team ..step by step, from match to match,” he said.

Currently, Febri said the most important thing is to focus back to the field. And, Semen Padang will be the next target Persib, at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, Saturday (9/9).

Persib Keep Bring Vujovic to Persipura Headquarters

Persib Keep Bring Vujovic to Persipura Headquarters

Although absent, Persib Bandung still bring Vladimir Vujovic when bobotoh pride team travel to the headquarters of Persipura Jayapura in a League 1 advanced match in the title at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, Monday (28/08/2017).

Physical trainer Persib Bandung, Yaya Sunarya said the decision to bring Vlado, greeting Vujovic, because for the sake of increasing the motivation of other players.

“Bring 19 players, only 18 who play, the only Vlado (Vladimir Vujovic) he can not play, but come along, that means he can share our shortcomings while defending and to increase motivation for other players,” said Yaya.

“Positively in the sense we share with him about the composition of the defenders, the advantages, the drawbacks, and what we should do for the defenders.”

Furthermore, Yaya explained Persib targeting points at the Black Pearl team headquarters, even without the assistant caretaker trainer Herrie Setyawan who is taking a coaching course to obtain License A.

“We are optimistic that we can get points, all the preparations have been made and the anticipation due to the absence of some players, God willing, as long as we fight hard, the results will come.”

Ezra Ends Waiting and Offering Goals for the People of Indonesia

Ezra Ends Waiting and Offering Goals for the People of Indonesia

The naturalized attacker, Ezra Walian, ended the wait to score for the Indonesian national team Judi dadu. The 20-year-old scored the first goal for the Red-and-white troops as he ushered Indonesia’s U-22 national team to a 2-0 win over Cambodia in the last SE Group Games SEA Games 2017 at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Malaysia on Thursday (8/24/2017). ).

Ezra broke the deadlock made by Luis Milla team in the 56th minute. Starting from the hull of Febri Hariyadi to the penalty box of Cambodia where Evan Dimas managed to control and handed it to Ezra. This tall striker can hold the skin round that had touched the opposing defender and kick off with the left foot to break down the bottom left hand of the Cambodian goalkeeper.

This goal sparked the spirit of his colleagues. As a result, one goal back nested into the team goalkeeper’s goal Group B through a spectacular kick Febri from outside the penalty box.

After the game, Ezra talked about his first goal. He said that the goal was dedicated to the people of Indonesia.

“The goals I made today I dedicate to the family and also the people of Indonesia who have supported me so far,” said Ezra at Shah Alam Stadium, after the match.

Ezra had to wait until his four international matches with the U-22 national team to score. Earlier the 10-backed player was already playing against Myanmar in a test match at the Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor District.

At SEA Games 2017, Ezra has played against the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. He had time to make an assist for Saddil Ramdani when Indonesia conquered the Philippines.

League Results 1, Borneo FC Conquered PS TNI, Perseru-BFC Imbang

League Results 1, Borneo FC Conquered PS TNI, Perseru-BFC Imbang

Pusamania Borneo FC managed to gain full points over PS TNI after winning with a score of 1-0 in the game continued Liga 1 at Stadium Segiri, Samarinda, Sunday (13/08/2017) Agen Judi Bola.

Borneo FC victory goal scored by Sultan Samma in the 90th minute.

At the beginning of the game, Borneo FC got a golden opportunity via Terens Puhiri, but his shot can still be anticipated TNI PS goalkeeper, Teguh Amirudin.

The hosts again got a chance in the 15th minute via Lerby. Utilizing bait Abdul Rachman, Lerby made a header, but still sideways on the side of the opponent’s goal.

In the 20th minute, Flavio Junior kicked from outside the penalty box, but still can be arrested Teguh.

PS TNI got a golden opportunity in the 23rd minute. Get feedback from Elio Martins, Sansan kicks in, but can still be pushed over Borneo FC goalkeeper.

After that, the game had stopped after a friction between Elio Martins with the host player. Because of that, Elio gets a yellow card from the referee.

When the game resumed, the efforts of both teams to score goals still have not succeeded. The first half was closed with a score of “glasses”, 0-0.

In the second half, the tempo of both teams declined. Collaboration between Patrich Wanggai and Lerby still has not produced results.

So even with PS TNI. Manahati Lestussen’s efforts in midfield, Elio Martins, and Erwin have not been able to penetrate the defense of Borneo FC raised by Yamashita et al.

Pesut Etam, nicknamed Borneo FC, incorporated Sultan Samma to replace Jefri Kurniawan.

Received feedback from the left side of the defense PS PS, Sultan Samma made a header, but has not managed to rip the opponent’s goal.

In the 87th minute, the attacker PS PS, Sansan, did a kick that previously managed to outwit the defender Borneo FC.

However, his shot was weak and could be caught by goalkeeper M Ridho.

In the 90th minute, Sultan Samma managed to break the impasse PS PS. Starting from a corner kick, there was a crisis.

Sultan Samma successfully made a header that penetrated the goal PS PS.

The game was changed 1-0 to Borneo FC and survive until the second half ended.

Meanwhile, in another match, host Perseru Serui was held to a draw by Bhayangkara FC (BFC) with the score 1-1.

Bhayangkara FC had first lead in the 43rd minute through Antoni. However, Perseru escaped defeat after Uropmabin scored the equalizer in the 78th minute.

Yusuf Efendi, Between Pleasure and Sad

Yusuf Efendi, Between Pleasure and Sad

Yusuf Efendi gradually began to show quality with Persegres Gresik United in the League 1 event. So far he has contributed two goals for the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Samudro.

In fact, he plays not in his ideal position as an attacker. Yusuf was entrusted with being a midfielder.

One goal scored Yusuf when Persegres held 1-1 draw by Sriwijaya FC, Monday (24/07/2017) and one more when defeated Semen Padang 1-4 at Stadium H Agus Salim, Saturday (5/8/2017) afternoon.

This condition makes this Banyuwangi-born player feel dilemmatic. On the one hand he has started to be productive but on the other hand, Persegres still struggling to record their second win of the season, which keeps them glued to the bottom of the standings.

“Alhamdulillah, finally I can print again with Persegres in a new position. But yes sad also see a team that so far is still hard to win, “said Joseph, Sunday (06/08/2017).

Yusuf also admitted that he has started to adapt well as a midfielder attack thanks to the help of the coach and his colleagues, although in the new position it requires him to help the defense when being oppressed the opponent team.

“Not bad, start adaptation more smoothly than the first time derived as a midfielder. Yesterday (when opponent Semen Padang), was instructed by the coach to do a lot of shooting from a distance, because the front line dead end. Alhamdulillah, one of which can bear fruit into goals, “he said.

He also revealed, Persegres actually had to balance the pattern of the game Semen Padang in the first round. But the impact of a quick goal that dilesakkan host at the beginning of the second half, changing the final result is quite significant.

“The first half had a 1-1 draw, but we then conceded quickly at the start of the second half and it got us started down. In addition, when the game yesterday the weather is hot, so we had a little trouble adaptation as well, “said Yusuf.

“Three o’clock there (Padang) is the same as at two o’clock in Gresik, so it may run out too (stamina). Yesterday also with the players as it is, “he said.

Persegres itself has officially split with several players, who could strengthen the team in the first round. Just two new players Ade Suhendra and Ahmad Sembiring Usman who joined. Other players, including foreigners, are scheduled to start joining on Monday (7/8/2017) training tomorrow.

Madura United Champions League Part 1, Canoe ISC A 2016 Can Be Repeated?

Madura United Champions League Part 1, Canoe ISC A 2016 Can Be Repeated?

League 1 Indonesia is entering the middle of the season. After 17 weeks passed Madura United became the champion of the season football’s highest season in Indonesia.

This is quite interesting because it matches what Sape Kerrab soldiers achieved in the Indonesia Soccer Championship A (ISC A) event last year where they also succeeded to become the champion of the season.

League Standings League 1 2017

This success was also grateful by the President of Madura United, Achsannul Qosasi. Through his account instagramnya, Madura United contains the gratitude of the President.

“Let us pray that the cohesiveness and togetherness of Madura will be maintained until the league is over,” Achsanul said.

However, there is something interesting about the success of Madura topped the standings in the first half of the season which is also feared by all elements in Madura United that failed champion at the end of the season as they experienced at ISC A last season.

ISC A 2016 Season Standings

At that time Gomes De Oliviera care team was unable to compete from Persipura Jayapura who became champion ISC A. In fact, at that time Slamet Nurcahyo and friends had to settle for only inhabit the third rank in the final standings.

ISC A 2016 Final Standings

Recruit two imported midfielders

In order not to repeat the tragedy, Madura United management moved quickly. They crossed out one of their foreign players, Boubacar Sangono and picked up two new foreign players namely Abdelkadir Khairallah and Cameron Watson.

Khairallah is not a foreign name in Indonesian football. The player who plays as a midfielder ever strengthened Bhayangkara FC in several tournaments last year.

Meanwhile for Cameron Watson, this will be his debut play in Liga Indonesia. Previously, this Australian player to strengthen the Indian club, Bengaluru FC. He is projected to replace another Australian midfielder who previously strengthened Madura United Dane Milovanovic who had been struck out because of illness.

The arrival of the two new players is expected to further strengthen the level of the game Madura United, especially in their away games. If you want to win the title in League 1 this season Madura is required not only fierce when playing at home alone.

Madura United’s desire to maintain the throne of the top of the standings will be directly tested on Friday (4/8) later where they will come up tough opponent, Persela Lamongan. In the game titled Derby East Java, the consistency of Madura will get an exam.

In addition, the match that will be held in Saturn Bangkalan Gelora it could also be a debut game for two new players Madura United, Cameron Watson and Abdelkadir Khairullah.

League Schedule 1, Live Event July 28, 2017

Logo Liga 1 2017 Indonesia

League Schedule 1, Live Event July 28, 2017

Two fierce parties will take place today (28/7/2017) in the continued competition of League 1 2017. Persela Lamongan will host Barito Putera in the 17th week of League 1 2017.

In addition, there is a derby match Kalimantan that brings Mitra Kukar counter Persiba Balikpapan. This hard party will be held at Aji Imbut Stadium, Tenggarong.

Persela fight against Barito fight took place at 15.00 pm at the Stadium Surajaya, Lamongan. While Mitra Kukar versus Persiba held at 18:30 pm and two matches above broadcast live TV One.

Interestingly, three of the four clubs involved today match came from Borneo Island. One club that Persela is a respected club in East Java.

The results of the League 1 match today will foster competition in mid-table standings. Barito, Persela, and Mitra Kukar are inhabitants of the middle board, while Persiba is the caretaker.

Here is the schedule of live broadcast of League 1 July 28, 2017:

Live Event Schedule

Live League Schedule Schedule 1, 28 July 2017

28/07/2017 Friday 15:00 League 1

Persela Lamongan vs Barito Putera TV One

28/07/2017 Friday 18:30 League 1

Mitra Kukar vs Persiba Balikpapan TV One