Bonucci: I’ve Been Playing As a Striker

Bonucci: I’ve Been Playing As a Striker

Milan’s new retainer Leonardo Bonucci made a great confession about his journey to become a world-class center-back, where he started playing the defender at his 16th and even playing the striker.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Bonucci also praised his club for a Europa League qualifier and acknowledged his desire to help the Rossoneri to get back where it belonged.

“When I think about Milan, I remember the traditions, the long history, and the triumphs ever,” said the former Juventus player.

“You’re not winning seven Champions League by chance. That means that there is a tradition, one mental champion. It is our duty to bring back Milan to where it should be.

“I started playing a defensive position at my age of 16, before playing as a defensive midfielder.

“Even I have played in several matches to play the striker position, but then when I was with Viterbese in Beretti, Carlo Perrone told me that if I wanted to be a success I had to be a center back.

“I was not sure at first, but I was the captain and I had to listen to him. As he recalled, it was true that speech came out of his mouth.

“My idol at that time was Del Piero, he always gave his impression by the way he played.

“But I also admire Alessandro Nesta, an expert in defending and playing the ball.

“For me, he’s one of the points of reference. There are so many people in Milan, like Maldini, Baresi, Kaka and Shevchenko.

“It is interesting to enter the museum museum and see who will wear this team uniform.

“The best player in the world? Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not the best player I have ever faced. But clearly, he has all the characters of a champion.

“The best player ever teamed with me? Pirlo? Give him the ball and he will make it perfect. I learned a lot from an Andrea Pirlo. “

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