Yusuf Efendi, Between Pleasure and Sad

Yusuf Efendi, Between Pleasure and Sad

Yusuf Efendi gradually began to show quality with Persegres Gresik United in the League 1 event. So far he has contributed two goals for the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Samudro.

In fact, he plays not in his ideal position as an attacker. Yusuf was entrusted with being a midfielder.

One goal scored Yusuf when Persegres held 1-1 draw by Sriwijaya FC, Monday (24/07/2017) and one more when defeated Semen Padang 1-4 at Stadium H Agus Salim, Saturday (5/8/2017) afternoon.

This condition makes this Banyuwangi-born player feel dilemmatic. On the one hand he has started to be productive but on the other hand, Persegres still struggling to record their second win of the season, which keeps them glued to the bottom of the standings.

“Alhamdulillah, finally I can print again with Persegres in a new position. But yes sad also see a team that so far is still hard to win, “said Joseph, Sunday (06/08/2017).

Yusuf also admitted that he has started to adapt well as a midfielder attack thanks to the help of the coach and his colleagues, although in the new position it requires him to help the defense when being oppressed the opponent team.

“Not bad, start adaptation more smoothly than the first time derived as a midfielder. Yesterday (when opponent Semen Padang), was instructed by the coach to do a lot of shooting from a distance, because the front line dead end. Alhamdulillah, one of which can bear fruit into goals, “he said.

He also revealed, Persegres actually had to balance the pattern of the game Semen Padang in the first round. But the impact of a quick goal that dilesakkan host at the beginning of the second half, changing the final result is quite significant.

“The first half had a 1-1 draw, but we then conceded quickly at the start of the second half and it got us started down. In addition, when the game yesterday the weather is hot, so we had a little trouble adaptation as well, “said Yusuf.

“Three o’clock there (Padang) is the same as at two o’clock in Gresik, so it may run out too (stamina). Yesterday also with the players as it is, “he said.

Persegres itself has officially split with several players, who could strengthen the team in the first round. Just two new players Ade Suhendra and Ahmad Sembiring Usman who joined. Other players, including foreigners, are scheduled to start joining on Monday (7/8/2017) training tomorrow.

Bosz Respond Casually Rumor Dembele

Bosz Respond Casually Rumor Dembele

Borussia Dortmund coach Petr Bosz admits he is not worried about Barcelona’s interest in Ousmane Dembele Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Neymar’s departure to Paris Saint Germain, making Barcelona busy looking for new winger to complement their front-line trident. Dembele name entered into the list of players targeted by Barcelona, with Bosz claimed not to worry about it.

“We are not worried about the possibility of Dembele to leave for Barcelona,” the former Ajax Amsterdam coach told reporters.

“Last year, [Paul] Pogba has moved to Manchester United, with a transfer bender exceeding 100 million euros, and when Messi or Ronaldo appear in the future, I’m sure Neymar will not be alone.”

“If I keep worrying about things that can happen, then I certainly will not be able to sleep well.”

Madura United Champions League Part 1, Canoe ISC A 2016 Can Be Repeated?

Madura United Champions League Part 1, Canoe ISC A 2016 Can Be Repeated?

League 1 Indonesia is entering the middle of the season. After 17 weeks passed Madura United became the champion of the season football’s highest season in Indonesia.

This is quite interesting because it matches what Sape Kerrab soldiers achieved in the Indonesia Soccer Championship A (ISC A) event last year where they also succeeded to become the champion of the season.

League Standings League 1 2017

This success was also grateful by the President of Madura United, Achsannul Qosasi. Through his account instagramnya, Madura United contains the gratitude of the President.

“Let us pray that the cohesiveness and togetherness of Madura will be maintained until the league is over,” Achsanul said.

However, there is something interesting about the success of Madura topped the standings in the first half of the season which is also feared by all elements in Madura United that failed champion at the end of the season as they experienced at ISC A last season.

ISC A 2016 Season Standings

At that time Gomes De Oliviera care team was unable to compete from Persipura Jayapura who became champion ISC A. In fact, at that time Slamet Nurcahyo and friends had to settle for only inhabit the third rank in the final standings.

ISC A 2016 Final Standings

Recruit two imported midfielders

In order not to repeat the tragedy, Madura United management moved quickly. They crossed out one of their foreign players, Boubacar Sangono and picked up two new foreign players namely Abdelkadir Khairallah and Cameron Watson.

Khairallah is not a foreign name in Indonesian football. The player who plays as a midfielder ever strengthened Bhayangkara FC in several tournaments last year.

Meanwhile for Cameron Watson, this will be his debut play in Liga Indonesia. Previously, this Australian player to strengthen the Indian club, Bengaluru FC. He is projected to replace another Australian midfielder who previously strengthened Madura United Dane Milovanovic who had been struck out because of illness.

The arrival of the two new players is expected to further strengthen the level of the game Madura United, especially in their away games. If you want to win the title in League 1 this season Madura is required not only fierce when playing at home alone.

Madura United’s desire to maintain the throne of the top of the standings will be directly tested on Friday (4/8) later where they will come up tough opponent, Persela Lamongan. In the game titled Derby East Java, the consistency of Madura will get an exam.

In addition, the match that will be held in Saturn Bangkalan Gelora it could also be a debut game for two new players Madura United, Cameron Watson and Abdelkadir Khairullah.

Mourinho: Matic Very Want to Move to MU

Mourinho: Matic Very Want to Move to MU

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho admits Nemanja Matic is keen to move to Old Trafford Situs Poker Online.

The arrival of Tiemoue Bakayoko to Stamford Bridge, making the Serbian midfielder’s position unsafe, and Mourinho revealed that he is ready to reunite with the player in Manchester.

“I’m waiting for the news,” the Portuguese man told reporters.

“I know that he really wants to move here, and when a player really wants a transfer, our chances of getting him will be bigger.”

“We have a chance. In football, until things are officially announced, I refuse to tell you more than this. I’ve seen things happen a lot. “

League Schedule 1, Live Event July 28, 2017

Logo Liga 1 2017 Indonesia

League Schedule 1, Live Event July 28, 2017

Two fierce parties will take place today (28/7/2017) in the continued competition of League 1 2017. Persela Lamongan will host Barito Putera in the 17th week of League 1 2017.

In addition, there is a derby match Kalimantan that brings Mitra Kukar counter Persiba Balikpapan. This hard party will be held at Aji Imbut Stadium, Tenggarong.

Persela fight against Barito fight took place at 15.00 pm at the Stadium Surajaya, Lamongan. While Mitra Kukar versus Persiba held at 18:30 pm and two matches above broadcast live TV One.

Interestingly, three of the four clubs involved today match came from Borneo Island. One club that Persela is a respected club in East Java.

The results of the League 1 match today will foster competition in mid-table standings. Barito, Persela, and Mitra Kukar are inhabitants of the middle board, while Persiba is the caretaker.

Here is the schedule of live broadcast of League 1 July 28, 2017:

Live Event Schedule

Live League Schedule Schedule 1, 28 July 2017

28/07/2017 Friday 15:00 League 1

Persela Lamongan vs Barito Putera TV One

28/07/2017 Friday 18:30 League 1

Mitra Kukar vs Persiba Balikpapan TV One

Moses: Counter Munchen game Right for Chelsea

Moses: Counter Munchen game Right for Chelsea

Wing Back Chelsea, Victor Moses admitted that against Bayern Munchen on Tuesday night yesterday in the ICC 2017 event is in need by his team Agen Poker Online.

Where, the match that took place at The National stadium The Blues did swallow 3-2 defeat and three goals the German club’s victory was created by Rafinha and two other goals through the action of Thomas Muller. While the club from West London can only reduce the lag through Marco Alonso and also Michy Batshuayi.

With the third result in bad pre-season then the doubts they can compete in the Champions League and defend the Premier League title next season which will begin in August.

Although disappointed with the outcome of the game, but the Nigerian national team retainer felt very necessary as a material evaluation of his team in training sessions in order to improve it much better.

“I think it is a good competitive fight,” Moses told reporters.

“Bayern are a good team and this is our third game in pre season and we were a bit flat in the first half.

“Where they are able to score three good goals but that is something we need to work more in practice sessions, where to make sure we correct our corrections.

“We did have a good player who knows where the wrong funds are right and we’ll get there, it’s just one match.

“We started the game slowly. It was a pre-season game and we had to get back in shape and keep trying hard in training sessions.

“We played with a good squad and that is something we have to do.”

Scheduled after Munchen, Antonio Conte’s side will play Inter Milan at The National stadium on the weekend and after that they will return to England to face Arsenal in the Community Shield.

Bonucci: I’ve Been Playing As a Striker

Bonucci: I’ve Been Playing As a Striker

Milan’s new retainer Leonardo Bonucci made a great confession about his journey to become a world-class center-back, where he started playing the defender at his 16th and even playing the striker.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Bonucci also praised his club for a Europa League qualifier and acknowledged his desire to help the Rossoneri to get back where it belonged.

“When I think about Milan, I remember the traditions, the long history, and the triumphs ever,” said the former Juventus player.

“You’re not winning seven Champions League by chance. That means that there is a tradition, one mental champion. It is our duty to bring back Milan to where it should be.

“I started playing a defensive position at my age of 16, before playing as a defensive midfielder.

“Even I have played in several matches to play the striker position, but then when I was with Viterbese in Beretti, Carlo Perrone told me that if I wanted to be a success I had to be a center back.

“I was not sure at first, but I was the captain and I had to listen to him. As he recalled, it was true that speech came out of his mouth.

“My idol at that time was Del Piero, he always gave his impression by the way he played.

“But I also admire Alessandro Nesta, an expert in defending and playing the ball.

“For me, he’s one of the points of reference. There are so many people in Milan, like Maldini, Baresi, Kaka and Shevchenko.

“It is interesting to enter the museum museum and see who will wear this team uniform.

“The best player in the world? Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not the best player I have ever faced. But clearly, he has all the characters of a champion.

“The best player ever teamed with me? Pirlo? Give him the ball and he will make it perfect. I learned a lot from an Andrea Pirlo. “

So AC Milan players, Bonucci Want to Follow Baresi Trail, Costacurta and Maldini

So AC Milan players, Bonucci Want to Follow Baresi Trail, Costacurta and Maldini

Leonardo Bonucci is determined to write his name on AC Milan history books after completing a € 42 million transfer from Juventus Agen Sbobet.

The Italian national team surprisingly left Juventus for the San Siro last week. Now he wants to follow in the footsteps of the Rossoneri legend-defender like Franco Baresi, Alssandro Costacurta and Paulo Maldini.

Alessandro Nesta and Mauro Tassotti were also selected by the 30-year-old. This he expressed through social media.

“When you think about AC Milan, you certainly think about the team’s history of all the champions who have put on this famous jersey,” Bonucci wrote on Instaram’s account.

“I think of Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini, Nesta, Tassoti. I admire them for what they have given to soccer and this club. They are a legend, ”

“I came today to write a new page in Rossoneri history and in my career. The challenge starts now, a new adventure started today with colleagues who like me, very hungry for victory, “Bonucci added.

AC Milan are now determined to restore its heyday. The acquisition of the Chinese consortium directly impacted the Milan transfer activities. Until now they have brought in seven new players namely Andre Silva, Fabio Borini, Ricardo Rodriguez, Franck Kessie, Mateo Musacchio, Hakan Calhanoglu and Bonucci. (Source: fourfourtwo.com)

In Francesco: Defrel and the New Left Back Roma

In Francesco: Defrel and the New Left Back Roma

Eusebio Di Francesco gives assurance that Gregoire Defrel will soon be a Roma player and reveals his club is looking for a new left-back.

The reports appear that Roma have agreed to be worth 20 million euros for Defrel, and Di Francesco admits the striker is another step towards the Giallorossi.

“About Defrel, I can say in a minute, but it’s still not official,” he said.

“I read a lot about it, we want to improve the quality of our squad and I want to create competition within the team.

“I think he is an alternative to Dzeko and he can play the wing position. I am very happy if he comes.

“Left-back? Hector Moreno has been brought in, knowing that he can play in the middle and left.

“But we still need a left back because of Luca Pellegrini’s injury and we are looking for a solution in the transfer market, but at the moment Juan Jesus can play there.”

If Hazard Landing at the Bernabeu, this Madrid Midfielder Threatens to Leave

If Hazard Landing at the Bernabeu, this Madrid Midfielder Threatens to Leave

Isco Alarcon is reportedly ready to consider his future if Real Madrid decide to buy Eden Hazard. For Isco, a Belgian winger belonging to Chelsea could threaten his position in El Real’s starting eleven Agen Sbobet.

In the early to mid season 2016/2017 ago, Isco is constantly undermined issues will go from Santiago Bernabeu. Because he had difficulty to be the main choice for entrenador Zinedine Zidane who prefers to install trio Luka Modric, Casemiro, and Toni Kroos in midfield. While up front it is definitely belong to a combination of Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Had strongly rumored to be considering the option to leave to the eternal rivals of his club, Barcelona, ​​Isco’s fate then slowly began to change. 25-year-old attacking midfielder was finally able to play enough minutes when Bale injury that was often befall him last season.

Ditandemkan with Benzema and Ronaldo, Isco able to provide different dimensions in attack line Madrid. Esk Malaga is even still believed to appear in the most important party Los Galacticos in 2016/2017 last, Champions League final counter Juventus, although Bale is fit enough to graze. Finally at the end of the season he was able to collect 30 games in La Liga, six in the Champions League, and three in other competitions.

However, the wind again changed direction for Madrid’s original midfielder Francisco Roman Alarcon’s. Los Blancos preached will try to peek opportunities to pick Hazard from Chelsea. This fast winger will be projected to be a successor to the already aging Ronaldo and is now in a transfer saga. This issue could be a reality because Hazard is one of the players recognized by Zidane.

Plus Chelsea is currently also called looking for a player who can replace the void if Hazard so go. Is the Atletico Madrid winger, Yannick Ferreira Carrasco, who saw the Blues as a potential option. Compatriot Hazard in the Belgian national team that is ready to be paid up to 64,000 pounds per week if you want to go to Stamford Bridge.

Although Hazard is currently in the process of healing his knee injury, it does not mean a deal with Madrid could be delayed. The players themselves do not close the possibility to try out La Liga even though he was happy in the Premier League with Chelsea.

For Isco this is clearly an unpleasant situation. Moreover, the player with the real name of Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez is required to have a high flying hours next season. If not then his place in the Spanish squad that go to the 2018 World Cup could be threatened. (Calciomercato, Daily Star)