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Investment Description

Investment Description

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
First, I thank you for your company brand food additives, Zhengzhou Saier Fu trust and support! Here, I sincerely look forward to with you, in the revitalization of the national food additive industry to join hands with the great cause of common development!

First, investment product range

Second, reporting procedures

* Applicant Download "Zhengzhou Saier Fu food additives authorized distributor for basic information Form", fill in the email after the Food Additives Sales Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Saier Fu marketing network Department of Network Planning Office;
* Sales Company Network Planning Office of the applying organizations to provide basic information to the first instance, meet the requirements to inform the local area managers in site visits and negotiations;
* Local area managers and provide guidance for units to complete a formal declaration of materials dealers, and written and electronic materials, the company reported sales of Network Planning Office for approval;
* Applicant to Zhengzhou Saier Fu Food Additives Co., Ltd. to conduct site visits and negotiations;
* The application units and Zhengzhou Saier Fu sales service network of food additives, the image of construction and management of standards implementation to build shops, experience, income after passing formally joined the system in Zhengzhou Saier Fu distributor of food additives.

3, reporting conditions

• The commitment to "innovative, independent future," Zhengzhou Saier Fu confidence in food additive brand, identity, Zhengzhou Saier Fu philosophy of food additives and sales model, and is ready to long-term and Zhengzhou Saier Fu food additives common development;
* Equipped with advanced sales and service concept, have a good management team;
Registered with the department at national corporate business units, with branded sales and service experience of food additives and food additives industry, maintenance of second-class and above qualification;
* With more than 2 million yuan in Zhengzhou Saier Fu food additives special liquidity, strong financing and distribution management capabilities;
* Food additives can be by Saier Fu Zhengzhou, sales and service network image of the construction and management standards, major food additives in the local business district or major public transport corridors to establish the brand of food additives, Zhengzhou Saier Fu independently operated sites.

4, China Merchants area

5, return on investment

* Rate of return on investment depends on the dealer's own fundamental Saier Fu in Zhengzhou food additives sales, service and added value to existing customers such as the efforts made in this regard;
* Food additives are willing to Saier Fu in Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou Saier Fu made an outstanding contribution to the brand of food additives authorized dealers to achieve the scale of business by leaps and bounds, provide the following substantive policy support:
(1) to provide financial guarantees;
(2) expanding the mandate areas;
(3) recommended for approval by a joint venture brands of food additives sold service system.

VI Notes

* Applicant provided the declaration in the process of all the documents, will serve as the company kept its own property, and promise not to disclose to any third party;
* Applicant should fill in all the actual situation according to their own declarations, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility;
* Applicant should be compatible with my company to submit information to the authenticity of its investigations;
* Applicant should be based on both user-friendly, but also to establish the principle of cost savings in Zhengzhou Saier Fu food additive independent establishments, and to ensure clarity of property rights in line with urban planning and environmental requirements. Units can be reached with the landlord for rent or purchase intentions, but in my company agreed to build the former, do not make any substantial investment.

7, contact

Food Additives Sales Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Saier Fu marketing network Department of Network Planning Office


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