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A letter to the agent's

Dearest Clients,
How are you?
   On the occasion of Olympic year 2008 full of passion and dreams,I would like to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to you and your prosperous business.Thanks for your support to Sairfu in the past three years.
   Sairfu has been three years old,during which there are so many changes to share with you.Three years ago Sairfu is only a little unknown rand in the food modifier field while today Sairfu has rapidly developed into the first brand in modifier field of special flour,rice products,soybean products meat products.We are now the top manufacturer of gluten fortifier agent, colour and lustre reinforcing agent, dried soybean curd sticks fortifier and noodle flour modifier.All these can be called a miracle.As a Sairfu person experiencing all these changes,I have only one word to desscribe to push Sairfu ahead.That is –diligence.
Our success can be summarized as follows.
  I. The steady increase of regular clients is the direct reason for the quick growth of Saifu.One of the necessary requirements for a modifier producer who wants to survive and develop is to make sure of a steady purchase.This is an important  gurantee for a small busiess to develop into a big one.A steady purchase requires good quality.The failure of most companies counts on their bad quality.Sairfu products’ good quality greatly attract more regular clients.
II. Another important reason for Sairfu’s success is brand marketing.Sairfu focuses on ad promotion programs as well as quality improving.Company invests quite amount of money on advertising.
III. The harmonious team based on army,school and family is key element to the quick development of Sairfu produts.Our company has proposed conception of harmony,competition and innovation on the initial stage of establishment.This conception attracts gifted person of responsibilty and career and helps to bulid a team with a company soul.
IV. Advanced technology abroad is the essence of Sairfu products launch and market capturing. Enzyme preparation and composition technology not only lower the producing cost and steady products quality but also fill the gap in China.Our gluten fortifier agent occupies 80% in the present market.
V. Advanced imported instruments and composition technology is the source of steady quality.The instruments we use to produce additives is the instrument that can be used to produce flavor essence.Excellent instruments and advanced technology gurantees steady quality.
VI. Simple materials purchasing channel is the gurantee of products of low price with good  quality.With advanced technolgy we develope enzyme preparation and related products all by ourselves.Extra fees is saved.The price of Sairfu products per ton is lower by RMB2000 compared to same quality products produced by other manufacturers.
Saifu president always tell us the following:To customers,quality of our products ia assured;To distributers,Profit and convenience is guranteed;To Sairfu employees,personal development and hogh salary is expected.These are solid foundation of Saifu enterprise.I formerly didn’t understand these words,but now I find it really important for the development of our company.
We adopt flexible policy on clients management.We don’t approve of having several clients in one area to control market and clients.The principal of choosing our clients is less is more.The division of market is accoding to the clients’ ability.More able he is,more control area he occupies.At present Our clients and we are satisfied with each other’s perfomance.
Above is my understanding of Saifu.Our cooperation depends on our mutual understanding and djudgement to the market.Sincerely wish Sairfu bring your family happiness, and bring your life health.It will be our pleasure to be of any help in your career.
Finally wish great health to your family and smooth career for you!
Sincerely yours
Xiaoming Zhang
May 5th,2008
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