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Sairfu gluten fortifier agent web super market opens for business

All products from our company contain no prohibited ingredients,we will take the consequences in case of anyting prohibited occurs.
To help customers have an overview of our products,we write the following formulations:
Starch gluten fortifier agent contains five series devided into more than 30 breeds of noodles,stretched noodles,dried noodles,instant noodles,dumplings.They function as increasing water binding capacity, tenacity and malleability of products,effectively prolong dough stabilization;enhance gas hold up,water absorption and smoothness of dough.
Amylum gluten fortifier agent contains three series including corn,bean and patatoes.
Function and roles:Make Amylum products gelatinized and fortify products’ gluten without adhering;Change amylum’s chemical character enhancing gluten to make amylum tasty refreshing and pliable;adaptable to long-time boiling;Increase whitening of amylum;make amylum products a bright and fine color;Restrain amylum aging;Prevent amylum products from dehydration and rigidity.
Rice noodles gluten fortifier agent contains 4 series devided in to more than 10 breeds including rice noodle,rice flour,rice noodle sheets and vermi series.
Function And roles:Make rice noodles can bear long time boiling and soaking;no muddy soup;nobreakers.
Soy gluten fortifier agent contains 4 series devided into more than 20 breeds including dried beancurd sticks,bean curd sheets,torfu, dried bean curd crust.
Function and roles:enhance water binding capacity,prevent nutrition loss,keep natural color and taste.
Gel gluten fortifier agent contains three series devided into more than 10 breeds including jelly powder, carrageenan and tendon powder.
Function and roles:Make food healthy and reliable;rich nutrition,flavor taste
Dried soybean curd sticks fortifier
Function and roles:Bridge with the protein of beans,and get coordination to form   reticular formation. Make bean products have better elasticity and expansivity,thus bearing longer marination and cooking.
Vermicelli and cold rice noodles agent
Function and roles:
I  Increase the biceps of vermicelli and fastness to boiling;
II  Promote the whitenning of vermicelli,critalize the lustre.
III Make squeezed vermicelli well-distributed, transparent, smooth,
IV Instant vermicelli rehydrate quickly,easily brewed. pliancy and smooth.
V High water retention could prevent amylum from retrogradation.It can well take place of alum without prohibited elements
VI Greatly cut down production cost
Stewed noodles and stretched noodles agent
1, brightening the surface and  avoid broken color for 48 hours;
2, Increasing the biceps and fastness to boiling; Smooth texture makes more falavor;It is the best choice for senior restaurants to make high-end noodles, dried noodles,sliced noodles, stuffed articles,and dumplings,
3,Increase fresh weight (2-3 days);anti-odor; Improve water absorption rate and speed,;Solve  the problem of wet noodle no lasting long,especially in hot summer; Enable noodle factories can produce in large scale.
4, shortening the time to achieve optimal hydration status; Enhance elasticity and plasticity; Effectively improve the operational performance of flour products and mechanical processing properties;Boiled flour products do not have muddy soup;Drying noodles don’t bend.
Flour Gluten agent : effectively regulate the amylose and amylopectin content to each combination of starch and protein particles, then scattere to the protein network structure, water retention superior performance, water recovery time is short . In this way it achieve the effect of gluten flour.
Noodle modifier: Whitening, brightening, anti-broken-color, anti-odor, pliable boiling, no muddy soup, no treckages. At present, the domestic anti-latency is mostly in 8 hours, and Saier Fu newly developed Mt8 can be up to 24 hours or more, It is the longest anti-re-colored noodles flour improver in China.Bio-enzyme whitening;No prohibited ingredients, safe and secure. mt7,Specially designed for wet (fresh) noodles can prolong shelf life to 3 days.
Instant Noodle improver:
1. To increase the water holding capacity of dough to make instant noodles fast rehydration, easy blistering.
2. To increase instant noodles’s performance in high-temperature cooking. instant noodles fried at high temperature remain complex viscoelastic characteristics of starch gel when soaped in water.
3. To improve instant noodles glossiness.
Quick-frozen dumpling flour improver: Improving the boiling fastness and smoothness of frozen dumplings, reducing the use of surface flutter ; keeping the fresh taste of dumplings;Making dumplings look sparkling;Especially solving high rate of breakage problem in mechanical package process, dumpling skin cracks and other issues when frozen and cold storaged.
Frozen glutinous rice balls improvers: Sairfu quality improver of frozen glutinous rice balls bear the capacity of improving glutinous rice powder waxy and visco-elastic function, enhancing glutinous rice flour water absorption, making glutinous rice balls in good shape, smooth surface;No crack in the quick-freezing process, no powder off, bright white, with the appearance of the ideal shape; No scratch or muddy soup, the surface is pliable and crystal translucent.
Saier Fu is currently the country's largest food gluten agent manufacturer, also  the only one systematically producing gluten agent.Wish our production and service will bring you great profit.
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