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Sairfu aquatic product modifier is developed by Dr. Zhao minghui,vice director of technical department.It’s a combination of longtime study and experience of large-scale enterprise engaged in aquatic products.The most remarkable feature are convenient use,good efficency,security and reliability.
Preservative and antistaling agent
Notably raise weight and promote water binding capacity. Emulsification and chelation, protective anti-oxidation coating restrains the breeding of bacterial and stablizes meat fat.The meat products with sairfu modifier keep color stabilty,attractive appearance,more delicious taste;Effectively prevent the loss of water and nutrition caused by storage.
Suggestive Recruitment:0.1-0.3%
Sea food desiccant:
This desiccant can not only avoid oxidation, myofibril contraction and breeding of bacteria but also get rid of fish odour and enhance rehydration.The dried products with our desiccant have natural bright color, soft muscle fibers,ideal tonicity, pure taste without fish odour.
Suggestive Recruitment:0.1-0.3%
Canned aquatic product modifier: Increase output, elasticity, brittleness. water and oil retention,oxidation. It can lower bacteria-killing tempreture,shorten bacteria-killing time,enhance products quality.decrease nutrition destroy;Prolong shelf life.Settle the problem of clabber and struvite in canned food.
Suggestive Recruitment:0.1-0.3%
Deep fried aquatic products preservative and antistaling agent
Keep frying oil and oily products in good quality;Avoid and postpone oil oxidation;Prolong shelf life.
Application scope:Deep fried marine products.
Suggestive Recruitment:0.1-0.3%
Aquatic product brightening agent
Accellerate pigment decomposition as incrustation,algae,etc to get products decolored and whitening.At the same time sterilize and kill bateria acquatic products.Fish balls with our products have attractive bright surface to get more commodity value.
Suggestive Recruitment:0.1-0.3%
Packing: Aluminum foil bag, 20KG/box ,8sack/box,2.5KG/sack
Storage: Clean,cooldry,draught,no straight sunshine
Shelf life:18 months

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