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Sairfu meat products modifier adopts advanced WLF technique,combinated with meat specialty,using food grade ingredients permited by WTO,to desert traditional modifier’s too much recruitment without good taste.
Meat products modifier: multi-functional compound configuration output.conviniently used,simply operated,highly promote work efficiency.
Traits:white or light-yellow powder;Quickly dissolved;Highly diffused.
Application scope: Frozen or canned meat products of hog, chicken, cattle, duck, fish,etc
Function and roles:
I. Water retention: Remarkablly increase production weight and retentiveness during handling,freezing cooking; Prevent the loss of water to keep meat’s delicate flavor and elasticity.
II. Freshment: Emulsification and chelation, protective anti-oxidation coating restrains the breeding of bacterial and stablizes meat fat.The meat products with sairfu modifier keep color stabilty,attractive appearance,more delicious taste;Effectively prevent the loss of water and nutrition caused by storage.
III. Adaptive modifier: :Emulsification and chelation combine water and meat molecule to make ham sausage in equality and densification.
IV.Timesaving:tender effect of the modifier is very good.Tender process paces 3 to 5 times compared to that of products without our meat modifier.That is meat products modifier can save energy and promote labor efficiency.
Meat products preservative and Antistaling agent
It’s a kind of compound antistaling agent especially for meat products.It can lower bacteria-killing tempreture,shorten bacteria-killing time,enhance products surface luster,restrain even kill various kinds of harmful organisms such as bacteria, large intestine bacilli, Listeria monocytogenes, gram-negative bacterium,penicillium, aspergillus niger,etc.
Using method:Mixed with other stuff, dissolve which into 30 times water as pickle liquid,put or inject into meat.Try to uniformly mixed meat with the agent and preserve for 18 to 36 hours.
Operative norm: Q/ZSS 004-2008。
Suggestive Recruitment: 0.2%-0.3%. test for the best recruitment.food grade modifier would do no harm to health even if too much is used.Nitrous acid natrium doesn’t exist.
Packing: 25KG/sack .Polyethylene inner packing;plastic woven bag out packing
Attention:Ward off dampness,stright sunshine and pollution.
Shelf life:18 months.

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