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Food preservative and antistaling agent are guarantees to prolong food shelf life for food manufacturers.Thers is no modern food industry without preservative and antistaling agent.But it does exist that some food enerprises go beyond permited scope and amount without good effect,which actually does harm to their production and sales.Sairfu technology department with years’ study and practice has developed a series of safe and reliable compound food preservative and antistaling agent .
Food antioxidant:This antioxidant series include flour products,starch products,rice products,meat products,soybean products,fried food,seafood,etc.Sairfu food antioxidant can restrain even prevent oxidation reaction,with convenient use and obvious effect,and greatly prolong shelf life.Take one of them for example,fried food antioxidant,operated on vegetable oil and animal oil,prolong the oil life several times to that using ordinnary antioxidant.Sairfu anti oxidant is compound antioxidant that can avoid products being oxidized underhigh tempretue or too high POV problems widely exsiting in unique antioxidant.
Flour products preservative and antistaling agent
Function and roles :Effectively restrain the breeding of microorganism;Especially settle well the following problems of stretched noodles dough’s excessive fermentation in summer, mildewed infection in damp noodles, protein denaturation, fat oxidation to tallowy.
Recruitment 0.1-0.3%
Rice products reservative and Antistaling agent
Function and roles Innocuity and sulfur Free;Effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria in rice noodles and damp sheets.
Recruitment. 0.1-0.3%
Soybean products reservative and Antistaling agent
Function and roles: Effectively restrain the breeding of microorganism in soybean products,prolong shelf life; Still active under high tempreture of 150℃~300℃,high pressure as 1.7~6.0Mpa WHILE Common soybean products can’t work under such pressure and tempreture.
Recruitment. 0.1-0.3%
Meat products preservative and Antistaling agent
It’s a kind of compound antistaling agent especially for meat products.It can lower bacteria-killing tempreture,shorten bacteria-killing time,enhance products surface luster and restrain even kill various kinds of harmful organisms such as bacteria, large intestine bacilli, Listeria monocytogenes, gram-negative bacterium,penicillium, aspergillus niger,etc.
Recruitment. 0.1-0.3%
Seafood preservative and antistaling agent
A new generation of pound biological preservative and antistaling agent as Sairfu can not only sterilize products,lower harmful microorganism amount and prolong shelf life,but also keep seafood in natural color and taste.All indexes accord with national satandards.
Recruitment. 0.1-0.3%
Fried food preservative and antistaling agent
Keep frying oil or rich oily food in stable quality;Prevent food from fast rancidity;Prolong shelf life.
Application scope:Fish and chips, manchu candied fritter,cheese,short bread, fried dough twist,banana chips,french fries,chips,cookies,instant noodle and dry fish,etc.
Recruitment. 0.1-0.3%
Spicy-hot snacks preservative and antistaling agent
A new generation of pound biological preservative and Antistaling agent
Application scope:puffed food made from flour and soybean
Function and roles:Destroy cytoderm of  microorganism to restrain the breeding of bacteria; Inhibitory action to mildew, pathogenicity bacteria;Improve quality and taste.
Recruitment. 0.1-0.3%
Pastry preservative and antistaling agent
Specially made for pastry and cookies; Improve quality and taste.
Application scope:Rice cake,custard cake,green bean cake, walnut cake and Manchu candied fritter,etc
Advantages of compound preservative and antistaling agent:
I Security:All ingredient in compound presertive will not go beyond prohibition of national standards;Unique preservative will go far beyond the prohibition to pursue good effect.
II Convenience:Avoid complexity and uncertainty cause by using several unique preservative in one product.
III Efficiency:All ingredients in compound preservative will coordinately work to better effect at the least amount.



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